Drugged french girl willingly abused on periscope

Hot blonde teen from france gets spanked, pencil fucked and spoon cunt abused

Its amazing what people share on periscope

Sometimes even our bloggers run into a periscope stream that blow their minds. Today was such a day. While searching for some hot scopes around the world one of our regular bloggers entered the channel of @fuckaniss_off, an account which, at the time of writing this post, is already deleted.

The stream immediately took his attention when he saw one wasted guy running around with a belt in his hand and a hot blond teen who in her turn seemed even more wasted. A third person, another female, was recording their weed-smoking-from-their-bedroom adventure with her iphone.

They have fun writing some dicks on the screen, teasing their drugged friend by rubbing her pussy with a pencil and by slapping her butt till it becomes as red as a tomato.

Offcourse the guy wants to take it a step further by taking her panties away so he can see her moisty labia.

fuckaniss off – wasted hottie abused and spoonfucked part 1


Things got out of hand fast

After a few minutes the guy suddenly starts to ass spank the hot girl with a leather belt. And im not talking about some soft paddling… no this dude really loves to abuse his bitch. The girl who records it cant stop laughing and… maybe even the strangest part of all, the beaten babe seems to love her punishment.

And what first started as a pencil tease turns out into a real masturbation scene. You can see the girl recording it with a second iphone, probably to share the videos with their school friends. Hell, she even proudly shows her recored porn videos to her fans on periscope during the broadcast. WTF, these frenchies really are crazy lol.

The only thing they have to change next time is to keep recording their action. I dont know what they where thinking but every ten seconds they stopped recording and a few seconds later they started their broadcast again. Well its probably because they where fully wasted but okay, always room for improvement right!

fuckaniss off – wasted hottie abused and spoonfucked part 2


One wtf moment after the other

While that already was kinda shocking to see live on periscope things got way worse. Although they started to spank the girl while she still has her underwear on, it didnt take long before she got some harsh lashes on her naked ass.

Some fans who are watching this crazy sex show where giving instructions through the comments which our camera lady yells to her boyfriend: Spank that bitch! Stick something in her ass! Abuse her pussy! Punish her!

fuckaniss off – wasted hottie abused and spoonfucked part 3


OMG she got spoon-fucked on periscope

The guy wants to do everything to earn some extra hearts, so he forces the girl to bend over. At first he tries to insert a pencil into her pussy and although they have lots of fun doing with that he has an even better idea: why not sticking a spoon in her twat?

Yeah why not, right? WTF! We are not kidding here. This guy stops eating his cereal and uses the spoon he just used for his lunch to pussy-fuck the poor girl. Although poor… she enjoys it greatly and almost reaches an incredible orgasm live on periscope.

Meanwhile to keep the entertainment level up they keep spanking her from now and then… All for the fans, the hearts and the followers!

fuckaniss off – wasted hottie abused and spoonfucked part 4

fuckaniss off – wasted hottie abused and spoonfucked part 5


fuckaniss off – wasted hottie abused and spoonfucked part 6


fuckaniss off – wasted hottie abused and spoonfucked part 7




Attention whores getting naked for hearts!

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